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The General Overseer

The Ministry shall adhere to the Theocratic Congregational system of Church Government where Christ is the Head of the Church and shepherding, ruling, guiding, leading and directing His people on earth through His agents, the saints. The General Council shall be composed of the members of the Executive Council, members of the Council of Ministers, heads of various wings, departments and committees, members of the Board of Trustees and representatives from the Local churches, the numbers of which shall be determined by the Executive Council on the basis of the size of the local church. In like manner shall be the councils at the various levels of administration be built. These members of the General Council shall all have voting rights.


The Executive Council shall be composed of seven (7) persons who are the General Overseer (The Executive Director), The General Secretary (Administrative Director), The Financial Director (Administrative Assistant), and four (4) other Senior Ministers. The EC shall receive reports and memoranda from Administrative Offices, Boards, Committees and Fellowships and assess them for presentation to the General Council. In cases of emergency or necessity the Executive Council may act on behalf of, and report to the General Council. The EC shall have the power to take other administrative measures in any matter not otherwise provided for in the Ministry’s Constitution and Bye-Laws towards the growth of the Ministry provided that such measures do not affect the fundamental provisions for the constitution.


There shall be two governing bodies of the Ministry the General Council and the Executive Council or the Central Committee (at the local level) which is to be headed by a Presiding Elder who acts for the District Pastor and sees to the implementation of decisions taken by the District Pastor, with the help of all the Elders, Deacons & Deaconesses, Committees & Ministry leaders in the local assembly.